Friday, October 24, 2014

Here Comes Science

Did you know that there was a partial solar eclipse yesterday afternoon? Well, there was. I think lots of folks had a pretty meh reaction. Those folks don't work where I work with the people I work with.

For instance, here is Keegan explaining the whole situation to me (Don't judge. Math is hard. Shopping is fun.). The apple is the moon, and the calculator is the Earth. And now I know all about the lunar cycle and tides and the equator and lots of other stuff!

My multi-talented boss, Richard, made a super cool box so we could look "at" the eclipse, pinhole camera style when the time came, at about 2:30:

And it totally worked!

When it was time for round two, the 3:30 peak time, our metalsmithing neighbor, Adam, brought over his special eye-shielding mask! This made the whole experience quite sci-fi, and amused the folks walking by:

Yay! Science!

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Anonymous said...

I missed the whole thing...