Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Auto Awesome Indeed

It may not be awesome to go 6 days without blogging (for no good reason), but these gifs are pretty dang awesome! Clearly, I've been far too busy having fun with no time in the world to write a post about how much fun I'm having. WRITE a post? Oh, please. That's so 8 months ago. I'll let Google + SHOW you how much fun I've been having, not blogging. Exclamation mark!

Look at THIS love connection! Siempre Verde with Turkey Sandwich

Fancy dinner at The Van's

Hola! My salad has a cherry on top!

Leopard Class, kicking some vinyl ass.


Fraulein S. said...

How do you make those awesome videos?
Cousin Sheila

Fraulein S. said...

You may have to grow old, but yo don't have to grow up.

Fraulein S. said...

I act as an optimist because I find I cannot act at all as a pessimist