Sunday, September 22, 2013

In the dictionary between "Exciting" and "Terrifying"


past tense: overwhelmed; past participle: overwhelmed

bury or drown beneath a huge mass.
"planning the coming week around my new work schedule is starting to overwhelm me to point of tears."
synonyms: swamp, submerge, engulf, bury, deluge, flood, inundate.

defeat completely.
"I am overwhelmed by this new work schedule."
synonyms: defeat (utterly/heavily), trounce, rout, beat (hollow), conquer, vanquish, be victorious over, triumph over, worst, overcome, overthrow, crush.

give too much of a thing too (someone); inundate.
"I am overwhelmed by the emotions brought on by this new job and its associated schedule."

have a strong emotional effect on.
"I am overwhelmed with guilt every time I think about how many hours I will be out of the house, away from my dogs and child."
synonyms: overcome, move, stir, affect, touch, strike, dumbfound, shake, devastate, floor, leave speechless

be too strong for; overpower.
"another glass of whiskey will overwhelm this general sense of overwhelmedness."

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