Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This little piggy went to a meeting of the Sock Liberation Underground

Don't tell the Sock Police, but I've been letting Samson hang out sans socks the past few days. Only with the heat cranked up to a bazillion degrees, but it seems to make him very happy. Also being pantsless. This kid is going to be one of those patently naked babies.

All of my bragging about Samson's sleep habits have finally bitten me square on the ass. He's still sleeping for long stretches, about 10 hours or so, but he's been getting BEYOND CRANKY at around 6:30 pm, and putting him to bed seems to be the only solution. Well, the only one that won't get me in trouble with Child Protective Services. So he's waking up a lot earlier, and I'm sorry but Mamma doesn't get up at 4 am for longer than it takes to change and feed a baby, swaddle him and put him back to bed and promise god that I'll start volunteering and donating and living a more pious life if only he lets Samson sleep for 3 more hours PLEASE GOD just do me this one solid.

His crankiness in general has been way more contained this week by preemptive naps and walks in the fresh air. I'm careful about how much I complain about the weather after my year in Dublin, but can I just say that I CANNOT WAIT until winter is over? It's been sunny and clear since Sunday and it's supposed to remain this way through the weekend! Whichever candidate can promise me less rain and more non-rain can have my vote. And a thousand dollars of Samson's college fund.

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Angel The Alien said...

You're lucky its been sunny and clear by you! I live in Chicago and we have about a foot of snow right now! (My dog enjoys it though...)