Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby Day

I spent the first half of today simultaneously having a great time and getting a dose of some serious birth control. I babysat my friend's adorable 10 month old daughter--who was, I must say, a prefect angel and a total sweetheart. But one is enough for now, thank you very much. How does a person even carry two babies? Ozzy the Train Wreck was more than happy to help, but Nanna looked at me like, "What, another one? Really?"

My take-away from the experience: they need to invent a baby cereal that dissolves as needed in baby's mouth but does not consequently turn into quick-drying cement when mixed with saliva for baby to spread on her face, shirt, toys and other babies heads. Yum.

Samson was absolutely enchanted with our little guest, and I think it really encouraged him to get his ass in gear--about an hour after she left, Samson actually rolled up on to his side! With no help from mom! Honest! No need to worry though, he's not growing up just yet. He's still the same old Samson: at one point I gave him one of his baby washcloths to keep him busy while I did something or other and, in typical Samson fashion, he reacted as if I'd given him a pony. His eyes got huge and he smiled as big as he could and clutched that washcloth while he rolled from side to side and kicked for joy. Then he crammed as much of it into his mouth as he could. I don't think that shit flies for 10 month olds.

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Anonymous said...

You are my hero, you rock and I appreciate you watching my lil angel SO much!