Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Yes, but can they harmonize?

Dolphins aren't just for dinner anymore. Apparently, they are also receptacles for scientific discovery. Researches have gotten off of their lazy behinds, stopped trying to cure cancer and AIDS or end hunger and poverty, and have put their talents to work for good instead of evil. They have taught dolphins to sing the theme to "Batman.".

Finally, we can think of dolphins as intelligent creatures, capable of learning and thinking. For far too long, dolphins have been the victims of maritime prejudice: always being picked last for kickball, being passed over for promotions while that snarky orca from accounting was invited to the boss's place for cocktails and euchre... Thank you, scientific community, for taking the time and resources to show us the error of our ways, for proving once and for all that dolphins love Adam West just as much as any other sea creature.

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