Monday, October 24, 2005

Day of the Dead (Sea)

So apparently "Dead" is Hebrew for "Salt." We went to the Dead Sea today, and I may never get all of this salt off of me. But it was really super fantastic, and not just because it's the lowest place on earth (-401 meters!). We spent a fun-filled evening in En Bokek, a resort town on the Dead Sea. Funny thing about resorts in Israel; they seem to have been mostly decorated in the 1980's, and the ambiance was never thought of again. Don't get me wrong, I love eighties decor for its kitsch value alone--and I'm not just talking about giant Swatch watch wall clocks. But hotel was not unlike the classrooms in my old synagogue where we used to have Hebrew School classes.

Except in my classroom, she would have been picking oranges instead of apples. As a young child, the posters on the walls of my Hebrew School classrooms lead me to believe that all Israelis lived on Kibbutzes, and that the entire country was one big orange grove. And also that Israelis dance around in circles to traditional Israeli folk music, and they all wear white.

But I digress. The Dead Sea is super cool. You can't really swim in it, you can only sort of float and bob around (and I happen to believe that floating and bobbing around are totally underrated, so I was thrilled.). Check it out: no one in this photo is actually swimming:

I know it's hard to tell from the photo, but it's a very strange thing to see. My good friend DRB loves to float around on her back in the water--I thought of her the whole time, and how much fun she would have being in such float-friendly water.

I think there may still be some salt in my brain, and it's sort of effecting my blogging abilities, so I'll end this post here.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Omg - the bob and float in the Sea. That. Totally. Rocks! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Your Grandma says congratulations to you both. Your Aunt Mimi says the same and where are the pictures?