Friday, October 21, 2005

Pictures from Herz'liyah

L's fancy new apartment building.

The view from L's fancy new balcony. This little square has everything a young, upwardly mobile professional could want: a Pizza Domino and a Hot Dog stand.

The Mediterranean Sea is directly behind L's fancy new apartment building. It seems like it's still warm enough for swimming. I intend to test this theory tomorrow.

Israel has a coffee culture, but it seems to be more of an afternoon-cafe-latte-sipping-let's-relax-with-a-cup-of=coffee coffee culture, as opposed to my preferred coffee culture: it take one cup to open my eyes in the morning, one cup to get to work without driving my car off of the road, and one cup to understand what my coworkers are saying to me. And perhaps another cup in the afternoon so that I don't drive my car off of the road on the way home from work. In accordance with this Israeli plot to deny me my god-given right to predetermined caffeine levels, the cafes don't have to-go cups. You mean I have to sit here and leisurely drink my coffee?? What is this, vacation??? And you can bet I won't find any drive-through coffee, either. Harumph.

Regardless, I'm having a terrific time. Tel Aviv and the surrounding area is gorgeous. It also fun to go to places I remember visiting the last 2 times I was here. Israel is the only foreign place I've been to more than once, so I get a great feeling when I start to recognize a street or restaurant or shopping mall. Even if I can't totally read the sign, I know what it's trying to tell me.

I've got a real hankering to see Trick, L's brother's dog. Hopefully he'll be at dinner tonight, and I can get me some dog belly. Beten shel kelev.

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