Monday, July 18, 2005

You're my best friend...I'm sorry I put you in that wheelchair, eh

I had the best weekend. Full of guilty (and not so guilty) pleasures. At the top of the list, my newest and most ridiculous obsession: Degrassi: The Next Generation. Canadian teenaged drama. What more do I need to say? Those of you who, like me, watched the original series Degrassi Junior Highin the late 80's on their local PBS station will be shocked to see those crazy Canadian kids all grown up with crazy Canadian kids of their own. And in keeping with the rich Degrassi tradition of having real-life problems that American teenage dramas and sit-coms didn't dare discuss, Degrassi: TNG's tagline is "Degrassi. It goes there." And boy does it ever. Paige is dating a teacher. Jimmy's best friend Skinner told a lie that got Jimmy shot in the spine and landing him in a wheelchair (so much for that basketball scholarship, eh). Word is that Emma has gonnorhea. Marco's gay, hockey-playing boyfriend is cheating on him. And Ellie and Alex are skipping class to play euchre for money.

God bless Canada.

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