Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Loopy Loo's Lurid Lump, Part II

This time, it is almost definitely a fatty tumor.

Totally harmless.

Totally harmless, except that they can grow to weigh 5 pounds, irreversibly stretching and deforming the muscle around them. Imagine a fatty tumor, 12% of your total body weight, just chillin' on your body. Now, imagine it attached to your rib.

Say it with me now: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

Poor little Nanna went through surgery this morning, and the vet says she did very well. I'll pick her up this afternoon and spend the evening holding a cold compress to her armpit, singing Beach Boys songs to her and thanking my lucky stars that I have such a good dog. I am so in love with her.


Unknown said...

Nanna!!! I wish her a speedy recovery

Deborah said...

And she wishes you would come visit. I beleive a Cranium re-match is in order...

Unknown said...

Is that a challenge?????

Deborah said...

Um, what do you think, Hoss? (That's my new nickname for you. "Hoss.")

Bring it!