Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Misty Water Colored Memories

Ah, good times. The great DediFest of 2005 continues this September with a mini-roadtrip from Portland to Missoula (also known as, "Wow, the sky really IS big!"). We'll be visiting our old college roommate who used to go on and on about this really tasty sandwich place in Missoula called the Staggering Ox. Strange the things we remember about people when we haven't talked in 6 years.

Other things that fit into this category:

    Scuba diving

    Crazy knick knacks sent by her grandma at each and every holiday (like the miniature Easter Egg Tree)

    The eucalyptus branch we collected on a road trip that she dried and hung on her wall and weeks later it ended up housing a bunch of bugs (I may be partially imagining this one)

    An awful lot of giggling and cooking tasty things

Frankendog update: Nanna is doing really well. I would, however, like to get my hands on a constant supply of these doggie painkillers. It really takes the edge off of her normally mopey tendencies.

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