Monday, July 25, 2005

Gotta Get A New Behavior

This weekend marked the beginning of a new chapter in The Life of Oswald. We had our first meeting with his new behaviorist/trainer, and learned lots of reasons why the kennel is a gooooood place. Most of these reasons involved food. Our first assignment for the week is to eat all meals in the kennel (this part does not apply to humans or cats) and spend lots of quality down time in there. This resulted in me napping in the kennel while the dogs went zen on a couple of peanut butter and kibble-filled kongs. Another part of this assignment is to make Ozzy's meals more fun and activity-related, causing him to spend more time in the kennel and to expend more mental energy while doing so. Eventually, we'll buy some fancy food dispensing puzzle balls, but for now, Ozzy is eating his dinner out of a sock.

Let me explain.

As a dog who likes to, as the behaviorist put it, "deconstruct" and "explore" his belongings, also referred to as eating the stuffing out of toys and chewing their eyes/noses/what-have-yous off, and tearing his blankets to shreds, it was suggested that he would benefit from being able to "deconstruct" his supper. Watching a dog rip apart a sock full of kibble, wet food and a tiny bit of bacon fat is undeniably enjoyable. And he does it with such conviction and dedication, it's really quite amazing. Luckily, he didn't actually ingest too much of the sock. And what normally takes 2.5 minutes to accomplish took closer to 10 minutes. Well done, Oz!

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