Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Don't Want To Play Football

OK, so here are the AYSO soccer coach skills in which I am totally lacking:

1. Soccer playing aptitude of any sort.

2. Soccer playing skills of any sort.

3. Getting and maintaining the focus of 8 six-year-old boys for any amount of time, let alone for 90 minutes.

But there are other facets of coaching at which I naturally excel:

1. Kibitzing with the parents.

2. Telling everyone how great they are! That part is super easy!

3. Cutting orange slices!

I think I'm doing an OK job so far, based on my one-kid survey:

Volunteer AYSO coaching is tough and the pay sucks, but it's totally worth it. In spite of the anxiety and stress. We have a great group of kids and awesome parents, and the whole thing is starting to come together quite nicely. Go Green Ninjas!

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