Wednesday, November 06, 2013

That's like 27 in blog years

You are currently reading the Extra Super Fantastic blog post number 1000. I know, right? For reals this time! Kind of nutty! Granted, some of those posts were very short. Some were less short, one might even say long.  Many were about music. Most of the early ones contain broken links or missing photos (hey, pobody's nerfect). But there were reports from Babyville! Posts about my dogs! And oh, so many lists of things!

Happy one thousandth blog post to me--and big ups to those of you who have supported me on this journey. It's been beyond therapeutic for me, and I gather that it's been somewhat pleasant at times for you alls as well. May it continue to be as such for many more years...until computers become obsolete and we all have special chips implanted in our brains and there's no need for blogging because we can all read each other's minds...hrrrrrmmmmmm.

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