Monday, May 13, 2013

The sun!

It's been so beautiful since we got back last week, it's just a joy to be outside. We spent a good part of the week doing fun outside stuff, we even fit a trip to Coyote Point in on the kiddo's half-day. There are two river otters that live there, and I swear I could watch them swim, play and eat all day long. I've never been a zoo person--as much I love animals and seeing them up close is such a treat, the whole captivity thing is hard to swallow. But just try and stop me from watching river otters...I promise, you will not succeed.

There was lots of driving to and fro over the weekend, and it was definitely one of the times when I love Max's convertible. We were a picture of a happy family: little league, picnics and festivals with friends, a wonderful handmade Mother's Day gift and breakfast, and we even found time to clean the house. Just stick us on the cover of Perfection magazine.

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