Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Some pics from Israel

There's not much to say about our trip to Israel, other than the sea is amazing, the people are amazing, the food is amazing, and we had an amazing time. And here is some of the photographic evidence!

The 6 am flight from SFO to EWR. Lots of markers and two barf bags.

Ladybug season delighted the kiddo, especially at the beach. There were many rescue missions for ladybugs found in the water.

A fabulous restaurant in Tel Aviv aptly named Just Meat.

Getting our ancient on in Jerusalem.

It really was an astounding trip. After so many visits to Israel in the winter, it was fun to get a new experience in a new season. Hot but dry, Lag b'Omer (a holiday involving bonfires!), gorgeous flowers and birds and, well, just right.

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