Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm watching the Sharks struggle more than they have in the 6 games they've played this season. They're not congealing as a team, the communication is weak, they should be making better plays. Everyone is expecting more--not only because they've been so stellar this season, but because we know they can be better. They're not failing; at the end of the first period, it's tied at zero. And everyone is disappointed in them. They are disappointed in themselves.

Now let's change the pronouns around. 2011 was my off-season. Time to rest up after surgery, radiation and a year of chemotherapy. Time to spend with my family after a season on the road, a season of 100% commitment to the team, to the game. 2012 should have been the next season, but my player's union and my owners COULD NOT AGREE on some of the basic rules of how to be comfortable and to happily exist as a regular person. So the off-season ran about 4 months longer than intended, and has been in danger of losing a significant number of fans, and training camp was pretty much ignored. Complacency settled in, I got straight up lazy and some of my best players hit the road to keep from going crazy.

It's 2013, a deal has been reached and the lockout is over. Drew and Randy are providing color commentary and always routing for me to be successful. The fans are back, the Dippin' Dots are plentiful and my season, so far, is one for the record books. It's time to overcome adversity and play for a full 60 minutes.

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