Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Less awesome than expected

So. I turned 37 yesterday, and I'm bummed to say that it was not awesome. Getting older is a double-edged sword for sure. It goes like this:



New music is crappy

Teenagers are far more annoying than they were the last time I checked



I'm still alive

And then there's the part where you realize that most of your very good friends live in other states or countries or are very jet-lagged or have infants to care for or are sleeping off some jetlag and there's no one around that you can really celebrate with. If you wanted to celebrate. Which you don't.


So I think 38 will either be completely ignored in order to avoid the inevitable let-down, or celebrated jubilantly with excessive pre-birthday planning.

Big thanks to the Sharks for scoring those 6 goals in the first period ALL FOR ME!

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Dedi said...

Pro: We are old enough that if they bring back the draft we will not be eligible. So allowing women in combat isn't a concern for us.

Happy Birthday