Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taking names and kicking stuff

Sunshine! It was sunny today! And warm, I think. My internal temperature is whack, but I only had a light hoodie on over a t-shirt and felt great. This, my friends, is a good sign.

Had another stellar MRI yesterday at UCSF. But this is the best part: the to-do list is actually starting to get some items crossed off of it. Curretnly trying to figure out physical therapy, pre-school, two up-coming trips (special couples trip to Portland next month for me and Ozzy, Disneyland for the whole mishpocha during pesach), 2 other upcoming trips (2 weddings in Israel--have to schedule all travel around Avastin, Temodar, MRI's and labs)...YIKES.

But this is the BEST best part: Lady Richman will be here on Friday for a long weekend visit! No adorable little girls or strapping husband in tow, but some taffy and a Julie hug are just what I need this week. And every week.

And the BEST BEST best part and that little pumpkin head kid of mine. I can;t keep up with how goddamn cute he is. The last couple of days, he's been telling us, "Trust me, I'll take care of it."


And the award for cute goes to: my progeny.

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