Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby in Brooklyn

My sister-in-law started contractions this morning. Samson should have his first North American cousin in the next day or so! Delicious.

A ridiculous day filled to the brim with forgetfulness, loss of keys (TWICE), rushing around and hurrying up to wait in doctor's offices. But hey, at least I got to read a New Yorker from 2008, right?

I'm going to take a moment away from my normal "this thing sucks" and "this other thing is totally annoying" mode and take some time to introduce you to the soppy, sappy, cheese-filled me. Behold:

I love my husband immensely. He has worked so had this past 6 months to keep me (and all of us) from crashing and burning. Max, I dedicate this awesome scar from my craniotomy to you. You earned it.

Also, the cat is snoring. Do cats even do that?

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