Sunday, January 24, 2010


Here I am, another year older. It was a great birthday, although I couldn't really eat anything, but I had lots of Buffalo Stout and some St. Bernardus ABT 12 and was given a couple of amazingly personal and thoughtful gifts (I only cried at the table 3 times).

How can 34 be anything for me but a year of newness? A new way of life, a new way of living. Hoping for a new perspective. New ways of feeling love, new ways of feeling pain, new ways of relating to different people and new ways to show thanks. Already made a new friend!

Although tonight sort of feels a lot like more of the same--labs at 9am tomorrow morning, start 5 retched days of Temodar tomorrow night, lots of scowling and whining--there's still some newness behind it.

New car! We got a Mazda 5 so that I'll be able drive as soon as I get my freaking license back. It's sparkly and greenish-bluish-topaz-y and I love it.

New experience! We're taking Samson up to Tahoe this weekend with the baby-and-non-baby crew for his first taste of snow. Should be more fun than even I can shake a stick at. And you know how I like to shake sticks.

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