Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Year, New Stuff to Bitch About

Wow, that whole holiday season thing, like, totally knocked me over flat. And then when I wiped the candy cane and gelt dust off of my face and stood up, my oncologist crammed another 1,850 mg of Temodar down my throat. It's a wonder I haven't accidentally fed cat food to the dog and dog food to the cats, ha ha, which is a funny thing to ponder because that would never happen. Ahem.

So here we are in 2010--the year something? make contact? something--and I've already been to 2 doctor's appointments, had 3 phone consults and am seeing the dentist tomorrow. Maybe it's 2010, the year we make appointments. BUT, but, I've also kept my new years resolution for SIX WHOLE DAYS now (boring--it involves journaling without too many swears), AND I went out today and got me a shiny new job. J-O-B! Actually, it's the least new job imaginable; it's back at the very office in which I birthed this very blog: The Planning Shop, fine purveyors of resources for entrepreneurs. Part time, so as not to make my brain go all screwy, but I truly am very happy and excited to talk to PEOPLE who aren't DOCTORS about THINGS that aren't CANCER on a REGULAR BASIS. Honestly, I'd almost rather talk about politics than cancer. Almost.

Hope every one had a great holiday season. May 2010 be less artsy, more fartsy!

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