Friday, February 13, 2009

Wow, all this rain is totally spooky

I've had plenty of things to complain about in the last handful of months. Plenty of things. The weather has not been one of them. This has been among the driest, warmest, most enjoyable winters that I can remember. Very little rain, very few crappy days. It's been awesome.

And then it started raining. Intermittently at first--a couple days here, a day or two there. Not enough to get all hung up about it. And every time it sprinkled, somebody would comment about oh, we really need the rain. This is great. And to that I say, it's far too late for that. We're already going to have a drought, so why pretend? Why rain at all? Let's enjoy global warming and all of its sunny warm winterful glory.

It's been raining since about Tuesday night, and damn cold to boot. Tough to stomach when your toddler repeatedly runs up to back door, bangs on it as he turns to look at you, then bursts into tears before you can even say no or explain that it's too cold or too wet to go outside right now. On the plus side, he's learned a new manipulation skill. He knows that we all need coats and shoes in order to go outside, so he's stated bring my my sweatshirt or maybe a tiny converse from time to time, looking at me expectantly. Who can say no to that?

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