Thursday, February 05, 2009

I hate x-rays

So somebody wasn't crossing the fingers hard enough. Sadly, I will have to say goodbye to my very best friend sooner than I'd like to. Nanna's x-rays came back with lots and lots of tumors in her lungs, and it's looking like she won't be with us much longer.


It's never easy to say goodbye. I'm glad she's still herself, still the Nanna I've known for 12 1/2 years. She's still the Nanna that pouts, goes to bed at 8 pm, and MUST. GET. SQUIRRELS. I'm so so lucky to have some time with her while she's still happy, before she's in any pain. I get to spend some quality time thanking her for everything she's taught me about friendship and life and joy and grace and generosity and fun.

She's a mighty good dog.


Anonymous said...

OH NO!! Deb, i am SO sorry to hear that! poor, sweet, loving Nanna.
My heart goes out to you


Anonymous said...

That is such sad news, Deb! I'm so sorry my fingers fell apart and failed you after I fell asleep the other night. I blame the ghost of my cat Idgie...
Rest in the knowledge that Nanna is one of the happiest, loving and sweetest dogs who ever lived and has led a glorious life. And remember, as cartoons have taught me, All Dogs Go To Heaven. :)
You're in my thoughts,

Sheepishlion said...

I am really, really sorry about Nanna. It is really great that you get to say goodbye and give her as many treats as you can. You took excellent care of her and she is having a wonderful life. I hope that last bit wasn't too cliche. Take care of yourself.

Deborah said...

Cliches are underrated. :)

I am truly touched by all the wonderful comments, emails and phone calls I've been getting. I have some seriously kick ass friends and family.