Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sickly Samson

Samson had his first fever over the long weekend. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated; basically he was just hot to the touch. And really really cuddly. Actually, Saturday night was pretty rad.

The fever went down by Sunday afternoon, but so did his cuteness levels. He had become cranky, clingy, and whiny, and refused to eat or drink. He wobble when he walked and he had developed a lovely rash on his chest and back.

At the doctor's office on Monday, he was diagnosed with a cold. Nothing special, just a cold with some fluid in his head causing the balance problems. I've never heard of a cold with a fever and a rash, but I didn't attend 4 years of medical school either.

It was so great having Max around to help care for Samson, and it was hard to send him off to work today knowing what kind of day we were in for: more torrential rains (have you heard? it's the end of days over here) and a sick toddler. Now that the day is over and he's gone to bed, I can look back and say that it really wasn't that bad. Two naps, he ate and drank very well, and played outside when it wasn't raining. Not that I'm not counting the minutes until he can return to the nanny share on Thursday...

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