Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stair Star

Samson's all time favorite new activity: climbing up and down the stairs. Clearly, he has talent. Clearly, he is skilled in a way that most of us could never understand. I truly believe that my 14 month old son is the Michael Phelps of stair climbing. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will be one of those parents who is up before dawn, driving their athletic marvel to the practice field, meeting with coaches and trainers, staying up all night to sew shiny, skin tight costumes with racing stripes and glitter. I have to come up with a plan now on how to invest the money that he will earn from all of his stair-climbing sponsors so that he'll be able to retire comfortably after the stair-climbing world is inevitably rocked by some doping scandal and stair climbers fall out of favor with the public and the world of sports.

And if that doesn't work out, there's always his all time second favorite activity: tossing BBQ tools into the fish pond in the backyard.


The Moores said...

Sounds like you're ready for kid #2! Double the fun! ;p

Deborah said...

You nut. I am ready for kid #2 like I am ready for a...hole in the head. (I was trying to come up with something more witty and biting, but it's late, and hole in the head really got it right.)