Saturday, January 03, 2009

But I Love Him

We had another well deserved date night tonight. Bedtime Stories and a couple of really nice steaks--I think we're on a roll.

It occurred to me that having a conversation with my husband is often not unlike speaking with someone who just suffered a concussion. It usually involves something that resembles gibberish, followed by a long intense stare as if he's waiting for me to respond to his nonsense statement or question. It can sound like this:

(We're driving down El Camino Real, passing the strip malls and head shops and fast food places. We're listening to music, and neither of us has spoken in a few minutes.)

Him: It's like we had that conversation in a dream or something.

(long pause)

Me: What the hell are you talking about?

Him: The way all the signs are upside down.

(He's referring to a conversation we had a few weeks ago, in which I explained to him that when a shop in a strip mall goes out of business, especially one where there's one big sign advertising all of the tenants, their sign somehow ends up upside down.)

Me: Oh. Yeah, OK.

I guess I have no point, other than that it can take a little extra effort to talk to Max sometimes.

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