Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Recipe in the Making

I just watched an episode of Unwrapped that was all about buns. BUNS, which I love. And buns stuffed with things. If there's one thing that I like, it's food stuffed with other food. Also, tiny foods with dipping sauces. OK, that's two things.

But it got me to thinking about how much better food is when it's either wrapped in dough or in a sandwich format. Case in point, Totino's Pizza Rolls. Excuse me while I drool all over my laptop.

So how does pie fit into this concept? It's not exactly dough-wrapped, and pastry or pie crust doesn't come close to bun or bread dough in my book. If it were up to me, the perfect pie would be described thusly:

-Savory, not sweet.
-Except for that it would be sweet because it would have BBQ sauce in it.
-And some kind of pulled pork or brisket.

Let us recap: a BBQ pork or brisket pie, with lots of sauce, and a doughy, bready crust. With pickle chips on the side.

Where's my spork?


The Moores said...

time to come visit. Offical #1 Aussie food - MEAT PIE

No joke

Even BBQ

Anonymous said...

Windy City Pizza in San Mateo - Deep Dish BBQ Pulled Pork pizza!! SO F'N GOOD!!!!!!! and they have Stella on tap :)