Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little bit of blog

Call it a creativity block. Call it post-moving mayhem. Call it napping whenever possible. Call it whatever you want, but the blog is just not happening lately. There are always colors, images, ideas dancing around my brain, but sometimes it's just so hard to let them out. Sigh.

I'm saving any bit of blogginess for the month seven Samson update next week.


lizelliott said...

new house pictures. new house pictures. new house pictures.

The Moores said...

Agreed! New house pictures. And backing up, please. FFM needs some inspiration, we don't have reverse in our house. It causes some traffic jams with doors and stuff.

Blog inspiration comes and goes doesn't it? Funny how that happens. I too, struggle sometimes, and sometimes it seems there's so much I can't pick what to write about.