Monday, March 17, 2008

So apparently I gave birth to a crab

Samson's newest extra super fantastic fun thing to do? Pinch mommy! Not like how an evil toddler pinches people, but like a tiny little baby who clings to his mommy and is really just figuring out how to really use his fingers for important things, like grabbing the cat or grabbing the steak knife from the table or grabbing the chicken apple sausage from your plate. Or accidentally pinching mommy over and over again in the general upper arm area. Ow. But it always reminds me of this commercial, so it's not all bad.

No pinch, no pinch.


Unknown said...

Gert was a pincher. She'd lay sweetly in your arms and her hand would work under your arm and just start pinching with those little baby nails.

Deborah said...

Those nails! It's unreal how much it hurts. And you really can't react because it's no t right swear at a baby.