Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No such thing as TMI in Baby Country

I'm cleaning the study tonight (no I'm not, I'm blogging. OK, I'm supposed to be cleaning the study tonight.) and I came across a nice pile of papers from Samson's first 8 weeks--with every bottle, every nursing session, every diaper change listed including time, measurement of intake, consistency of output...obviously, I need to save this for Samson's scrap book. Because someday this will help him understand just how neurotic his mother truly is. And he will know that on Monday November 26, 2007, he pooped 4 times, peed 7 times, and was fed a total of 11 times (5 bottles of formula--19 ounces total--and 6 nursing sessions followed by 3.75 ounces of expressed milk). The REALLY impressive part is that I'm able to even read the handwriting of a sleep deprived new mother at 4 am--or Max's handwriting at all--and that 4 months later, I can decipher all of the little codes I came up with to record these mass quantities of information.

Wait, what? 11 feedings?? Holy crap, I seem to have forgotten just how many times you have to feed a newborn and what that means about sleep. Sorry Dedi, I know you're reading this and all the color just drained from your face. Take comfort in the fact that when your little girl is 4 and half months old, sleeping soundly upstairs (or breathing like some little pig-baby hybrid if she has a cold), you can spend the evening cleaning your study and come across your crazy neurotic list of newborn bodily function stats.

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The Moores said...

Oh yeah, we had one of those, too. For 3.5 months! Think of the work! Think we maxed out at 9 feeds/day. Don't know Dedi but tell her it doesn't take long to make it to 3 squares and 3-4 bottles. I swear the first 2-3 months are WAAAAYY longer than the next.