Friday, March 21, 2008

Screw you, back! It's tummy time!

Momentous occasion! Life as we know it is over!

He mastered step one a few weeks ago...

...and he can now officially roll from his back (boring!) to his tummy (exciting!).

Which is awesome. I wonder how long until he remembers that he hates being on his tummy?


Anonymous said...

Could he BE any cuter? I mean, seriously??? I love the little mop of curls!


The Moores said...

NICE rug ;) Wherever did you get it? Ah, the wonders of global commerce. Our baby pictures are going to look the same. Wait, you have a dark, curly haired little guy and I have straight haired blondie. OK, maybe we'll be able to tell them apart. Congrats on the roll. Now the real fun begins, I promise.