Thursday, June 29, 2006

That's what I get for eating Taco Bell before bed

I had a dream that I was falling. It wasn't one of those falling dreams where you suddenly wake up all startled and covered in sweat right before you hit the ground. I dreamt that I was on this falling team lead by Heather Graham. I think it was the Heather Graham from Scrubs, not the Heather Graham from Drugstore Cowboy or Boogie Nights. We had these lime green and black spandex suits, and we jumped feet first from a platform in outer space. Then we continued to free fall for the equivalent of 14 miles--this was the part of the dream that actually took a long time. I remember the fall, and it took like 20 minutes. But that's probably only like 10 seconds in dream time. At the end of the fall,we landed in a body of really cold water (we're talking Fall Creek, Oregon cold), still feet first. In order to keep my lungs from freezing or collapsing, I kept repeating this rhyme in my head. Sadly, I couldn't remember the rhyme when I woke up, but that would have been awesome. I swam away from the landing site, and then Heather Graham told us what a great job we all did and high fived all of us. Then we stood around talking about how far we had come as a team.


lizelliott said...

fall creek was cold as all getup. can you get a witness? yes you can. c c c cold.

Deborah said...

I knew I could count on you to testify.