Monday, June 26, 2006

Lover Girl

I got back from Minneapolis last night. Spending the weekend with the lovely and talented Richman Family allowed me to get my fill of baby for the next little while. Babies (at least this baby) are like crack. No, actually, they're more like Taco Bell. Addictive and super tasty, and more time you spend with them the worse your tummy hurts. Or maybe that was all the taffy we ate. Either way, I just can't me enough of that baby. At least I was able to buy a pound of taffy to bring to Ireland. If only I could buy a pound of baby. Sigh.

Check her out. What a sweetie pie. It turns out we have a ton of things in common. We both love our mommies, and we're both all about giving high fives. And then there's the chocolate.

Well, I think you know how we feel about chocolate.

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