Sunday, February 05, 2006

Worst. Episode. Ever.

I've been such an absentee blogger lately. But I've got all kinds of good excuses.

Like on Friday. I spent the afternoon watching the longest, most boring episode of Law & Order ever. 3 1/2 hours of lawyers, plaintiffs, defendants, judges, bailiffs, and court clerks. 3 1/2 hours of questions, assumptions, bad excuses, head shaking and exasperated sighs. But where were the snappily dressed detectives, groan-worthy one liners and atmospheric "doink-doinks?" Worst. Episode. Ever.

Oh, wait. That wasn't an episode of Law & Order, that was jury duty.

I was actually excited that my group was selected to show up. I've been summonsed for jury duty 3 or 4 times before, but never got past the part where I call the automated system and am told that my service is not needed and that I'm free for another year. This time, on the 5th and last day, my group number was called. And for a minute, a was filled with some weird sense of patriotism and pride. I wanted to do my civic duty and help decide whether or not the freaky-looking skinhead on the judge's left was legally evicted. Not this time.

I celebrated with a fun-filled night of live entertainment and enjoyed the comedy stylings of Emo Phillips. Enough said.

And today? Oh, today was a joy on so many levels. I slept until 10 am with a furry black cat perched squarely in the small of my back (one last night of cuddling before the dreaded Advantage Day, after which meaningful cuddles are off limits for 3 approximately 3 days). And then: the Puppy Bowl 2! Last year Rhonda watched the Puppy Bowl, and when she reported on the canine escapades the next day at the office, there was not a small amount of laughter on my part. And as hard as it is to admit it, she was so totally right. This year, I Tivo'd the dang Puppy Bowl--and I watched it. All 3 hours. Including the Kitty Half-time Show. Does that make me crazier than I was last week? Cause I felt a little more crazy than usual by the end of it all.

Today was also doggie homecoming. My folks have been dogsitting since Thursday, and everyone was happy to have the pack back together. Everyone.

Besides, the Sharks are still sucking right now, and that always makes things seem less blog-worthy. But I have to work on that.

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anchovy said...

That's funny! I've had mixed experiences with jury duty. The first time I served I actually heard a drunk driving case. We acquitted. On the way home me and a couple of the other jurors met the prosecutor in the subway (wearing a baseball cap) and he basically told us he knew it was a loser from the getgo and he was just going through the motions.