Monday, February 27, 2006

One thing leads to another

Obviously, the internet is great for many reasons. This is one of those reasons. So is this. I spent a bunch of time over the weekend working on the design for our wedding invitations--and even more time being distracted by internet junk.

The whole wedding planning thing has kept me pretty busy. The Planning Shop has also become a whirlwind of activity lately, hence the lack of blog. If I'm too busy to blog in my spare time, and there's so much going on at work that I can't slack off and blog there, and I'm actually eating lunch at lunch time instead of blogging, the posts are bound to be fewer. It makes me just as sad as it makes you, I promise. I'll try to designate a tinch of my Law & Order time to more regular blogging (notice that I only said "regular," not "interesting" or "read-worthy"). Maybe I'll even slice off some of my Project Runway time. Plus, the Olympic break is finally over, and Sharks start playing again tomorrow. And we all know that the winninger they are, the blogginger I are. Am.


anchovy said...

Is the dude in the wedding planning picture? When anyone asks me what kind of wedding I would like I jokingly tell them it's not up to me anyway!

I hope it's fun-busy and not too stressful-busy.

And what about thrill ride theme parks like Great America or Magic Mountain in SoCal?

lizelliott said...

did you just say tinch?

Deborah said...

Anchovy: At this point, the process of planning our wedding is completely colaborative. Which is a really, really good thing becasue I tend to go waaaaaay to far in my dreamy little brain and find that the future Mr. Deborah is really good at balancing that out with well-measured dose of reality. If he weren't involved in this process, our wedding would end up being 70% ponies and ferris wheels, 25% Totino's pizza rolls and 5% Rocky Horror Picture Show. And it would cost at least $50K.

And what about Great America and Magic Mountain? Great America is like a dirty, sticky version of Disneyland with really bad music (except, of course, for the time I saw Duran Duran there in 2000), and I've never been to Magic Mountain.

Liz: Why yes. Yes, I did say tinch.

Kel said...

Getting Married? Awesome! When?? Where??

Deborah said...

As it turns out, the wedding is the same day as that V Festival you told me about, so I'll be missing out on that amazing line-up (tell Beck that I said hi). We're doing the deed here in San Francisco, even though it won't exactly be "home" by then. What am I talking about--it will always be "home."