Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not in a creepy stalker way

It turns out that I have met quite a few famous people. By "met" I usually mean "stood in line at an independent record store for hours in order to get the autograph of." Sometimes, I also mean "had a phone conversation with." In one case, I even mean "scammed my way into interviewing them for a fake business magazine." Here's a list!

1. John Linnell of They Might Be Giants. It was, to this day, one of the best experiences of my life. I got his autograph after an unexpectedly less-than-crowded solo in-store appearance at Amoeba Records on Haight Street in 1999. And there were lots of pictures. I have a nice glossy 8 X 10 of us together; me leaning in as close as I could without frightening him, him leaning as far away from me as he could without actually standing up and walking away from me.

2. Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields (and various other stuff). This one was pretty scary. In order to get into a sold out show at Bimbo's, I got on the press list as a reporter from a supposed small business magazine. I am so not a good liar. He smelled my fear, and it all went downhill from there. No autographs. No pictures. Just a stomach ache.

3. Marc Summers. We spoke on the phone when he called for Rhonda once back in the day. They were once on the same talk show to promote their respective books, and they remained friends. He has since sent me 2 autographed pictures.

4. Don Novello (AKA Father Guido Sarducci). A few years ago, he ran for governor of California. When we (shockingly) discovered that was available, we bought it and built a little "Don Novello for Governor" type of deal and offered it to him as a gift. He called to thank us, but informed us that he hadn't gotten enough signatures to make the ballot. Boo.

5. Just last Friday, I spoke with Kevin Smith on the phone. He was guest hosting the Sarah & No Name Morning Show, so I called in (first time caller!) and asked him what it was like to do a few episodes of Degrassi: TNG, and what it was like to kiss Caitlyn Ryan. I totally stole the show. Totally.

And I'm sure there are more. Perhaps a List Part 2 is in order.

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Oh man, and I hate listening to that show but I do anyways (in no small part thanks to my partner in crime). Why oh why did I miss your Kevin Smith call, and by extension Kevin Smith talking (probably) about Clerks 2. :(