Tuesday, May 24, 2005

National Public Radio

It's pledge week on our local NPR station. You know, that 10-day "week" when we avoid listening to NPR lest they guilt us into actually giving them money. Pledge week, combined with the fact that my iPod and my car stereo are in a terrible fight right now and won't cooperate with one another has driven me to the 3 remaining radio stations in the Bay Area that don't suck eggs:

1) 99.7 KFRC is the best pledge week. I loves me the oldies. Plus, last week, I won tickets to see The Mambo Kings musical at Golden Gate Theater. Yep, I was on the radio!

2) KISS 98.1 plays today's hits and classic R&B. We're talking Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson (before he was extra super creepy), and some good old classic Whitney Houston.

3) KMEL 106.1 is brand new territory for me. When I was in middle school, KMEL played modern rock, as in Tears for Fears and Pet Shop Boys. Today, however, KMEL plays today's bet hip hop and R&B. Apparently, the only thing that rhymes with "party" is "bacardi."

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