Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I play Air hockey, Ball hockey, Barn Hockey, Bubble Hockey, Field hockey...

I know you're all just dying to hear about how the International Ice Hockey Federation's 2005 World Championship is going. Wait no longer! Read on, my hip-checking, chicken-dancing, dipsy-doodling brothers and sisters:


1. Michail Grabovsky (BLR) 5 points (4 goals/1 assist)
2. Rick Nash (CAN) 4 (3/1)
3. Daniel Alfredsson (SWE) 4 (2/2)
4. Niko Kapanen (FIN) and Konstantin Koltsov (BLR)4 (1/3) each
6. Marian Hossa (SVK) and Daniel Sedin (SWE) 3 (2/1) each
8. Joe Thornton (CAN) 3 (1/2)
9. Niklas Kronwall (SWE) 3 (0/3)
21 player with 2 pts

1. Grabovsky 4
2. Nash 3
5 players with 2

1. Kapanen and Kronwall 3 each
12 players with 2

Goalkeepers (SVS%):
1. Rick DiPietro (USA) 100.00%
2. Andrej Mezin (BLR) 97.53%
3. Witali Kolesnik (KAZ) 96.97%
4. Tomas Vokoun (CZE) 95.65%
5. Niklas Backstrom (FIN) 95.00%


Scoring Percentage:
1. USA 17.50% of all shots are in
2. Latvia 16.00%
3. Canada 13.04%

Penalty Minutes:
1. Ukraine 36 PIM
2. Austria 30
3. Russia 28
4. Slovakia 20
5. Belarus 18

Ah, if only The Planning Shop had offices in Innsbruck.

The next step is to start performing my special "Collective-Bargaining-Agreement-Reached-by-the-start-of-the-2005-2006-NHL-Hockey-Season" dance at closer intervals. Apparently, 4 times a day isn't enough.


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to tell you that you have a great site, and any woman that loves hockey as much as u do has a soft spot in my heart.I live in Toronto ont and it's good to know that hockey is popular in San Fran by the way i'm a huge 49er fan.Well keep up the good work.

Your Canadian friend
Stephen. Toronto Jaguar b.h.c

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