Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!

And then this happened:

Luckily, he totally bought my story about the Tooth Fairy retiring...that's why he/she left $20 last time. The kiddo had been the Tooth Fairy's last exchange, you see, after a long and illustrious career. So the Tooth Fairy felt it fitting to leave his/her last tooth transaction with an exceptionally generous trade. But the Tooth Fairy's replacement, of course, wasn't so flush--you know, being an entry level Tooth Fairy and all--so he shouldn't expect another big bill under his pillow next time.

It turns out that five singles under his pillow on Sunday morning was just fine. We had one happy kid on our hands; one toothless, ruthless, giant little kid on our hands.

Not this guy:

Those teeth are long gone. By the way, can someone please explain how this picture could possibly have been five years ago? Holy shit.

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