Thursday, August 01, 2013

More thoughts on losing the tooth

Samson's tooth had been loose for barely two days before it fell out yesterday afternoon. And by "fell" I mean "might as well have been yanked out by a rogue tooth fairy who was hopped up on goof balls." He had been very cautious, chose gooey foods over crackers or carrots, and made sure to brush his teeth VERY GENTLY. I was sure he had another week before that little gem came out. 

And then, as per usual, the "do as I say, not as I do" clause bit us in the ass.

We were building a massive Lego tower--I mean MASSIVE. Around the third floor, we started to run out of sixers and eighters, so we scavenged through the big ol' box 'o random Legos looking for parts to reuse. There, practically glued to a flat base, were the last two pieces we needed. The kiddo went right work, using the most effective Lego-prying tool known to man...and pop, no more loose front tooth. 

My parents always told me never to use my teeth as deconstruction tools (I don't know, something about them paying thousands of dollars for orthodontic work in the 80's), and I have been sure to tell my own boy that he should heed this advice, and that teeth are for chewing and brushing. But sometimes, the tamper-proof plastic wrapping on the unopened bottle of soy sauce needs to be removed and a sharp knife is, like, at LEAST ten feet away. And kids see EVERYTHING. 

The moral of the story? Laziness makes your kids' teeth fall out slightly prematurely. 

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