Monday, August 19, 2013

A Great Big Cheer for Six Great Years

Max and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary tonight with four of my favorite things: Thai food, salt water taffy, the kiddo, and a freak lightning storm. The three of us sat on the balcony, bellies full of red curry and fried bread, watching nature's fireworks over the Skyline hills, the taste of grape taffy still coating the sides of my tongue. Heaven on Earth, that's what that was.

It is now 40 minutes later. The kid is fast asleep and the dogs are trying to figure out how to remove themselves from the harnesses that arrived today from Amazon. Fizzy is attempting to rub hers off by way of the carpet (although she seems to have given up and is now curled up on Max's feet) and Turkey Sandwich is still trying to eat her way out of hers--it's comical, really, watching her try to maneuver her giant canine mandible through the yellow meshy chest piece. The only thing she's actually accomplishing is pushing herself backward in tiny increments until she almost falls over.

I just looked up from the keyboard to see her lying on her side, defeated (for now), and looking pretty pissed off in general. Did you know that dogs can glare?

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