Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ah, in just four short hours, Max will be home from his month long business trip to Europe. Because I am a mean, heartless bitch, I have taught Samson to say "Who are you?" That'll teach him to spend his days earning money to support our family.

It will be so great to have him home. As much as I've enjoyed having the whole bed to myself, sole power over the remote control, and a COMPLETE AND TOTAL LACK OF CALL OF DUTY 4, I've really missed the big lug. He's an integral part of this family, a dinner-making, recycling-taking-outing, bath-giving part. I'm starving, there is a huge pile of aluminum cans in the kitchen, and the baby smells like ass.

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The Moores said...

We are missing having a Daddy around right now...glad to hear yours is back. M+F