Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wind Burned and Glassy Eyed

After spending the last two days whizzing--yes, whizzing--around in Max's Miata with the top down, my lips have formed an unpleasant glaze of chappedy crackedness that necessitates the constant application of peppermint chapstick. That, and I still have convertible hair, which in my case, as my hair has gotten really long due to my laziness and lack of time to get a haircut, means lots of knots and snarls. Sigh.

Huge surprise: I'm tired. The running around, the staying still, all of it just makes me exhausted. I don't know how to approach any event in my life with anything other than 110% percent of excitement and attention and with my energy levels turned up to eleven. I need to slooooooow dooooooown.

Coming soon, Samson's tenth month. Yes, I know! Holy shit!

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Anonymous said...

Ouch - cracked lips are bad! As tempting as it may seem, and especially after witnessing its amazing ability to unchap other areas of the body, do NOT put butt paste or diaper rash cream on your lips!