Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Samson: Month Ten

Wait, you're HOW OLD? There's no way that's possible. I knew as soon as I saw all the Halloween candy in Target a few weeks ago that your birthday was coming up, but come on, they start putting out Thanksgiving decorations in July these days, so I thought I had a little more time to prepare. To prepare for what, exactly, I'm not sure. I just know that every day, you are bigger and more capable of wreaking havoc on everything in our house, car, grocery store, veterinarian's office, etc.

Ten months old. You finally discovered the dogs this month. I guess you figured out what the rest of us have known for months: you're never going to catch the cat. You will get close, really close, but cats are mean like that. They take pleasure in your suffering, it's what cats do. Not only have you discovered that the dogs are fun and covered in various bits to grab, but they are also perfect role models for a ten month old baby. This month, you started barking at the doorbell and carrying toys on your mouth as you crawled around the living room. Your father and I nearly pee our pants every time.

Your Israel Grandma arrived last month for an extended stay in the US. Talk about a spoiled baby. Now with four grandparents around, things like bedtime have been abolished and every meal involves pancakes. There's always someone on hand to remind you that EVERYTHING you do is cute and that you should do ANYTHING you want. This is a good thing, and you are very lucky to have all of them. We all took you to your first baseball game this month. you lasted a whole three innings, which is really quite impressive.

You babble. A lot. And it's as if you're speaking full sentences to me that are completely comprehensible in some foreign language, and I am an idiot for not understanding what you say. We have these conversations in the car where you say something like "Abble dibble dibble agaur drabble drabble ahhhhhhh." And I'm all, "That's right, we're driving to the store to get avocados for dinner." And you look at me in the little mirror that we have set up so that we can see each other in the rear view mirror as if to say, "What the hell? What does that have to do my plans to destroy Aba's X-Box when we get home?" Of course, you're a huge hit wherever we go. The best was at your nine month check a few weeks ago when I got you naked, realized I had forgotten your blanket in the car (have I mentioned? I'm a horrible parent), and wrapped you in my sweater. Your sweet smile and excited babble mesmerized the doctor and she forgot all about calling child services.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during your tenth month, we spent the morning at swim lessons. You were the youngest kid in the class, and the only one who didn't cry the first day. You were far too busy drinking pool water to cry. And for the next eight classes, you spent the entire 40 minute sessions drinking pool water while I tried to teach you how float on your back and kick your feet and hold your breath. It was only on the last day of class that you realized how fun it was to splash AND drink pool water. Next time.

You've also decided that spoons are for suckers, and you're all about finger foods now. Thanks, Ima, but no thanks. I've got this one covered. On the menu at any given moment: bananas, avocado, cheese, carrots, waffles, pancakes, and Veggie Booty. 

Your father and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this month. Nothing too fancy, we went out for churrascuria (meat. MEAT!) while some grandparents sat for you. We were really happy to come home to you, and we love the memory of having you at our wedding, kicking me HARD on the right side of my belly, and keeping me from getting drunk at the reception. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

SO adorable. 10 months! WOW! That's quite the baby-gate you got (finally) :)
i am going to smoosh his cheeks when I see him next.

Deborah said...

Yeah, me too.