Wednesday, July 02, 2008


OK, it's just a video of my baby crawling. But it took me 3 days worth of nap time and lots of trial software to get everything the way I wanted it. I foresee many more videos of such triviality now that I know what I'm doing.


Anonymous said...

Man, he can get around now. Looks like Leor after scotches.

Anonymous said...

UH OH! Batten down the hatches, he's crawling! The cats' face is priceless... "oh shit, he's coming right for me!"

RiRi SynCyr said...

i seriously just laughed so hard i cried. poor millhouse doesn't know what's coming. that's great!

Brian Luce said...

I haven't caught up on your blog in a while!

I love the video. Indeed, that cat's face is priceless.

I very much enjoyed the soundtrack.