Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Samson: Month Eight

So many new things things month--I'm still reeling from the shock. I'll let Samson tell you all about it.

Today I am 8 months old. Still, my parents treat me like a baby. They're all, "Samson, don't climb up the bookshelves," and "Samson, that bowl of water is for doggies and kitties, not for babies." If the doggies and kitties want the water so bad, they can come get it. As far as I'm concerned, anything below 27 inches is fair game.

So, have you found out about shoes yet? Oh my god, they taste SO GOOD. Especially flip flops. Delicious. Oh, and stroller wheels. try licking them right after a walk through the park, it's truly a singular culinary experience. Mostly, I prefer to lick things. Although I did grow these two crazy teeth this month, and I find that they're especially good for biting thumbs, spoons, water glasses and what not. Also for biting the edges of my crib, restaurant tables, high chairs, and shopping carts. My Ima keeps trying to prevent this by covering these edges with blankets and things, but a few good old fashioned melt downs in Safeway should put an end to that.

Right after our trip to Portland early this month, I figured out how to move forward across the floor by using my hands and knees. Every time I did it, everybody would shout and cheer and freak out--weirdos. But it's really useful for getting around the new place, particularly on the hardwood floors. So now that I've dominated the horizontal frontier, I've started working on my vertical skills. Standing up in the crib is a breeze, plus it makes my voice carry much further when it's time for Ima to wake up and come play with me. I'm also doing pretty well with the various living room furniture. For Father's Day, I've been working on rearranging the books on the bottom bookshelf--it's a daily project. I haven't got them scattered on the floor quite right yet.

With all of this newfound mobility, there's really no time for naps. Too much to do and taste. Once, maybe twice a day I can take a little cat nap, but that's really about it. I can't afford to miss a moment of the day--there's so much to keep up with! I have to find out if that cat is still behind that couch, I have to give Ozzy's dog collar a few good tugs to make sure it's on correctly. Oh, and the wires--I have to locate and taste any wire that might still be accessible. I'm very, very busy.

When Aba gets home from work, the real fun begins. We dance, we roll around on the bed, we bounce. Really, they're so cute at this age, these Abas. He still needs me in the bath with him (I'm not sure he knows how to wrangle the rubber duckies quite yet--one of my proudest skills), but I don't mind. It's our Guy Time.

As you can tell, I've got a lot of things to attend to today. Being 8 months old is hard work. I think by next month I'll be driving the car and playing Old Gray Mare on my French horn. I'll probably also have finished my first screenplay by then.

So long,

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