Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Samson: Month Five

Dear Month Five,

I can't believe I'm actually doing this--I've never written a love letter before. OK, I've never sent a love letter that I've written before, but Scott Baio knew how I felt. He didn't need to read the letter.

I've never met a month like you before. You're different from all the other months. You don't contain nearly as much crying or constipation as month four did, and you've got more smiling than all the other months combined. Add that to all of the toy grabbing and rolling over and you just might be the best month ever.

I know you're not perfect. You've contained some episodes of extreme neediness and general disdain for Baby Boot Camp. And I'm not a big fan of this whole waking up every night at 4 am to eat thing that's been going on for the past two weeks, but I understand. We'll work on it together, maybe we'll even ask month six to help us out with this one.

I've got to hand it to you, month five, you really employed some slick new strategies this month. Every time I started to get antsy with some of your less desirable qualities, you took the perfectly mundane bits of everyday life and shone a new, softer and more perfect light on them. Like those morning smiles from the baby when I go to get him out of his crib...I just melt every time. And you've really provided a great backdrop for physical development as well--obviously, the rolling over is a huge milestone, and you played a tremendous role in that achievement. But you've also been involved in this fascinating almost-sitting-up that been going on for the last week or's no wonder the baby gets so hungry in the middle of the night.

It's been great having you around, month five. I've completely and utterly fallen in love with you. Your playdates in the park, your excessive use of the jumperoo, your day trips to the city and meals with friends. Sure, you're not as flashy as month one. You're not full of airplane trips or visits from Israel Safta like month six. But you've been the kind of month a girl could really fall for. I'll never forget you.


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The Moores said...

You sound utterly, blissfully, happy to be a mom :) Here's to more and more days like in the coming months.