Thursday, April 24, 2008


Our recent decision not to buy a house has left us feeling a bit more financially free and unfettered than we usually feel. Combine that with the new and exciting holiday of "Mother's Day" and you've got a recipe for a fancy new camera. I miss the good old days of film cameras, and that summer semester that I took photography back in college was one of my favorite for sure. I think that sense of nostalgia mildly influenced my decision to go with the Nikkon D40 over the Sony A300. Even though the Sony lets you shoot without holding the camera up to your face, I just don't think that's a feature I care too much about.

In awful timing news, my iPhone decided to break yesterday, just hours after Dedi sent me the text that she was at the hospital awaitng the epidural. There must be a new little baby up in Portland by now, and there's probably a wonderful voice mail with the details as soon as I get my damn phone fixed. Damn it.


Sheepishlion said...

New toys are always a great way to fill the void of home owning. Perhaps the Lomo has a digital camera, or would that be any fun?

Deborah said...

Lomo = fun no matter how you spell it. If Lomo made a digital anything, I'd buy it.