Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades

Mmmmmm, nice and sunny today. Damn cold, but a gorgeous blue sky and big bright sun. It was the perfect opportunity to try out Samson's new 100% UV ray blocking sunglasses on our walk.

Of course, he hates them. HATES THEM. Good thing he's just a baby and I can still boss him around. As soon as he can eat vegetables, I will so totally make him.

Lots of excitement coming up in the Extra Super Fantastic household. Samson's Uncle from Israel is coming for a visit this weekend, then Dad is off to Disneyland--and Samson and I will not be joining him, boo hoo. Then Brooklyn Uncle comes to visit, and pretty soon we'll be flying to Chicago to meet Samson's Great Grandma.

But first things first. Mommy gets to go out and play this weekend. And by play I mean get drunk with Ira and avoid getting hit in the head with a wind instrument.


Anonymous said...

It looks like he's trying to flip you off for making him wear those sunglasses! LOL

Anonymous said...

awww! :) "so, I got hit in the head with a tuba..." (and that was the same as "lady limo driver" right? just thinking about it has me giggling like a doof at my computer...) HAVE SO MUCH FUN! so jealous. and hugs all around. and Sam looks so spiffy in his little getup! :)